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ʺóٴѹͧ VaserSmooth™ 2.2 Ϳչԡ (س˹)
ӹǹҹ 38,437

ʴդзءྪͧФ ѹʺóٴѹ VaserSmooth™ 2.2 Ϳչԡ ѺԵͧ纵  ʺóçྪ÷ҡ͡餹ѧѴԹ仴ٴѹͧѧԹ ǹѵšŨԧ ͧ͡չԡ Ҥҡҧáѹ ͡ѹ ǹͧྪ¤Ҩ´Ƿչԡѹҧ зྪâ֡ǹ᷹ͧͧФ ҷҶ֧ͧ͡ٴѹͧ 2.2 ྪèо价Ӥѡѹͧ VaserSmooth™ 2.2  дաѧ ??


VaserSmooth™ 2.2 ͧٴѹشҡԡ ͧͧФ Ѩغѹ֧ 10 չԡ Ϳչԡ˹չԡͧ·  VaserSmooth™ ͧ蹹˹ͧͧš FDA ѺͧҪ㹡áӨѴ Cellulite ҧ ǡѺ͡ôٴѹ´ҧբͧس˹ ôٴѹ駹էҷҹ 仫蹵ͧչФҨպҧͧ͡ҧͧ VaserSmooth™ .. ͧտͧ˭Ẻ 


ҷѭҢͧྪúҧ ྪ繤ǧҧ͹ҧ˭ ੾е鹢 ŧٻ˭٤ Ҿ૵繪ǧس˹һԹ áѧšҢͤӻ֡ س˹㨴繡ѹͧҡ ٴѹ稡բͧ繡ͺʧ LED մ¤ ҡ ʧ ŢͧǢ鹹ͧ Ҿҧس˹ҪҴ줨شº ٴѹ

Ҿ繵͹Ѵͺʧ LED Ŵ չѺҾٴ֧ѡ÷ӧҹͧٴѹ 2.2 դöͪ¡ӨѴŷ Ѵ͡ ¾ѧ״ѺЪѺѴǹ㹤 繡ù෤ Ultrasound 㹡ѹ 觤§çѹԴᵡ繢ͧ ҡ鹤سͨдٴͧѹ͡ ԴŷҡöӨѴѹ֧ҧش ѧҡѡҨз­繤ͼ͡ҧ¤ ҾǴբ鹨ԧЪѺ觵֧աҡ ٴѹǢྪͧǹҷ ҡ鹴


ѧٴѹྪйӤǺѺùǴЪѺ RF Ф ͡ѭѹŷ­ջԷҾ ѾǢ ྪëôٴѹҡͺʧ LED ѺǴЪѺ RF մ Թ ʹâѹҹǴ س˹͡ҧ¨лѺѴǹҷ㹪ǧ 3 - 6 ͹ ǹԸաôѡҡ͹üҵѴ ǧáͧ͡ѧ˹ѡеͧشЪѺͧ ʹ㨵Դ价Ϳչԡ¹Ф 7 Թ仪 2 ç¾ ҧԹ˹ ѧࡵҧҹ Mr. Shake (ત) Ѻا෾ѡؤչԡ ҡ ͨʹŹ令¡Ѻ澹ѡҹ @siamloft.clinic ѡҹ § ѧѺԹ աش֧ྪêͺҡ ͺ˹Ҩ HIFU ͷ駷¡ѺҾôٴѹẺѹѧӡѴի ѹྪ仡͹ ͺسءԴФ  


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